Friday, 14 February 2014

91. A Valentine's Day Blog: The Archaeology of a Box: (8)

I pull a large packet of cards from the box. These are mostly cards to me from Sharon marking special occasions over our twelve years together - birthday cards, wedding anniversary cards, Christmas cards, Valentine's Day cards - each with a message of love to treasure.

I always liked to scout around the stationery shops and bookstores looking for the card that was the perfect fit for the special occasion I wished to celebrate, the best source generally being that endangered species the independent bookshop. Now I search through the e-card offerings online and see what I can find. Valued as e-card greetings are they are not amenable to being boxed up and treasured in quite the same way.
It being Valentine's Day, and also the ninth anniversary of our engagement (on Cheltenham Beach after a special Valentine's Day Dinner at McHugh's), I thought it appropriate to dedicate this blog to Sharon, a treasure cherished in memories and mementoes but most of all in presence.
Happy Valentine's Day, Sharon
With Love,
John xxx
McHugh's, Cheltenham Beach
Some of my treasured Valentine's Day Cards from Sharon

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