Tuesday, 15 October 2013

67b. Memories (supplementary post).

See comments on blog 67 for origin of these photos and piece of text.

“5th January 1982. We’ve left Malvern on our way to High Wycombe and we’re going to Oxford. Just waiting on the weather forecast which I think’s real worth recording.

We’ve driven through Oxford and seen all the marvellous colleges and buildings of the university - it’s a huge place – some very old, some very new. I don’t know where we are now, we’re driving through a little town (yawn). People scurrying everywhere. The skies are about to burst open again with lots of flood and pestilence and snow. They are forecasting snow all over England again tonight.”

Wednesday 6th January
“Well, wrong wrong. It’s a beautiful day. It’s Wednesday the 6th of January and it’s taken quite a while for us to get organised to get out. Got two carloads and we’re off to High Wycombe and Maidenhead and then we’re going to Windsor, I believe Queen Elizabeth is expecting us for luncheon...

We’re now in the grounds of Windsor Castle looking at St. George’s Chapel. It’s a lovely fine day but it’s freezing in the air. It’s taken us about an hour to have lunch in a cosy little pub called The Mad Englishman. Took about ten minutes to get a cup of tea there but it was nice when we got it. Had my photograph taken a couple of times already with the bearskin people."

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  1. Brilliant!!. I'll need to dig out my photos. Don't you all look young!